Canon’s releasing a cam that’s only suited for astrophotography, for some reason

The EOS Ra with, who I assume, is Canon's target audience for this camera

After years of watching Sony and Panasonic make Canon eat its lunch in the mirrorless game, Canon quietly announced the EOS Ra. This new mirrorless camera will utilize the slowly-growing RF lineup of lenses plus EF and EF-S, and will target “the needs of astrophotographers”

“Finally! A Very expensive Mirrorles Camera That’s suitable for only one use.”


To the EOS-Ra (EOS “Rah”? Or “Ar-ay?”)’s credit, its specifications sound quite nice and like it could compete with Sony’s A7S given its advertised “high-sensitivity, low-noise performance”.


Specialized Filtration that Delivers Four Times Greater Hydrogen-alpha Wavelength (656.3 nm)

Canon Press Release


But I digress- part of the genius behind being a Creative Professional is making your tools work for you, regardless of the situation. So maybe this is a sleeper hit that will change the mirrorless landscape and finally give Canon shooters their first low light, full frame beast that they have been asking for ever since the release of the A7S Mark I in 2013. Let’s keep a close eye on this one.


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