Tesla Powerwall 2.0: The Latest Pricing News for Canadian customers!

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Well, this wasn’t a phonecall that I expected to receive! After several months of waiting after putting my name on the Tesla Powerwall waitlist, I received a surprise call from MPOWER Energy Solutions, one of Canada’s preferred installers for Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0. Let’s cut to the chase, here. The (very professional) sales representative that I spoke with told me the …

League of Legends NA Summer Finals 2016- Insanity. Beautiful, Competitive Insanity.

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I know what you’re thinking. “eSports is just a fad.  It’ll be gone in a few years.” “Videogaming isn’t a sport.” To this, I present to you… Toronto’s Air Canada Centre this past Sunday:   If you closed your eyes you could’ve mistaken the roaring crowd for an NBA play off game.  And that is what a sold out arena with ~20,000 …

There’s a Robot Revolution happening in Denver, Colorado!

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If yo’re like me and grew up watching a lot of ’80s sci-fi (and even action) movies, you’d remember that there was no shortage of robot-themed flicks.  And it was wonderful.  At the time, robots were seen as the super-cool, “what if” outcome of human ingenuity/madness and often served as the plot point for a lot of big budget films. …

That “lithium mine vs oil sands mine” image that you’ve been seeing on Facebook? It’s 100% wrong.

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I’ve been seeing this image a lot on my Facebook feed, lately.  And as an EV enthusiast, I feel like I need to address it: But, hold the phone there.  That top image of the pockmarked, scarred landscape.  Is it really a lithium mine?  The answer is no.  That top, badly-compressed image is  ‘Escondida’, a copper mine in Antofagasta Region, …

1st wave for HoloLens. Feels good.

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I got an interesting email from Microsoft today: It’s official!  I’ve been approved for a HoloLens SDK.  I’m in the first wave of shipments.  First wave of shipments for the world’s first augmented reality holographic technology.  But with the sinking $CAD dollar, I’ll really have to think about this one.

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders are live! But wait. What?

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The good news is that the Oculus Rift isn’t vapour-ware as many have been fearing.  In fact, the pre-order service has officially gone live. The not-so-good news?  The price tag.  It’s $600USD before taxes and shipping and handling.  It comes pre-packaged with EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale, but things get more interesting for the Canadian Oculus enthusiast.  Given today’s $CAD to …

ASUS jumps into the fray- coming out with a HoloLens-style headset

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Well, isn’t this interesting.  From the Engadget article: “ASUS has confirmed that it’s planning to release an augmented reality (AR) headset sometime in 2016… Microsoft has said that HoloLens would become an entire category, not just something it’ll sell by itself. “ Does this mean that HoloLens will be distributed by 3rd party manufacturers?  Does this also mean a sub-$3000USD …

HoloLens Developers Demo: Whoh

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So, it happened.  I tried the HoloLens.  And it was wonderful. Here’s a run-down on how things went down.  First, we were seated in a small orientation area that explained how the HoloLens works, and what we’d be doing in our demo.  There, I learned HoloLens uses three types of input: Gaze Gesture Voice Seems simple enough.  Gaze involves moving …