I got Secret Access to the Azden Pro-XR. And it makes everyone a pro video creator.


COVID-19 is forcing businesses into the online space. Which is good for people who are ready to pivot into this new way of doing business, but not so good for those who’ve been caught off-guard. Some people are running virtual workout classes and online tutorials to stay afloat, but they’re all suffering from one major problem: terrible, god-awful audio.

Q: Why should I care about getting good audio?

A: Nobody will watch a video that has bad audio. Poor video quality is one thing, but if you sound distant and your audience can’t hear you, kiss your audience engagement goodbye. There are peer-reviewed studies backing this up.

Your mobile phone is (probably) good enough for decent video, but its audio will be trashtrastic. The Azden Pro-XR solves this problem. Plug it into your smartphone, clip the lav mic onto your collar, and just like that- your video is now better than 80% of the other videos on Facebook and other social media. If you’re going to spend money on something to help your business survive these crazy times, spend it on a great wireless mic.

Thank me later.


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