Should you give Ikan a chance? An in-depth look at the Ikan DS2-A Beholder


Gimbals seem to be on everyone’s Christmas List. And there’s no shortage of options to choose from-  DJI, Ikan, EVO, Moza, Feiyu Tech, Zhiyun. An alphabet soup of manufacturers with equally difficult-to-pronounce names. There’s also one lesser-known brand that people have been asking me about: Ikan, which is based out of Houston.

Most gimbals are priced fairly similarly. And to make things even more complicated, most gimbals are manufactured out of the same factories and slapped with a different badge once they hit the Shenzhen shipping docks. And they all run using the SimpleBGC Brushless Gimbal Controller protocol. So how does the U.S.-based Ikan DS2-A Beholder stack up in this very competitive gimbal marketplace? Watch this in-depth video to find out.


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