The big list of 100% no-cost, royalty-free music websites

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So you’ve cut and edited your perfect video, aligned your keyframes, and you’re about to hit that “Monetize with ads” button and all you’re missing is one thing- music. But the problem is that there’s a lot of terrible “free” music out there.  And what’s more is that a lot of audio tracks can’t be used on monetized videos, and the last thing you want to get is a takedown notice from YouTube/Vimeo/any video hosting service for using copyrighted music. But fear not!  Here’s the newest list of websites that offer no-cost, royalty-free music that doesn’t suck:

1. NoCopyrightSounds







Just as their name says- no copyrights!  Which means you’re free to use their tracks, as long as you attribute it to them.  This website offers mostly electronic and lounge-style music.  Huge collection of songs with frequent, regular additions.

2. Adobe Audition Music Loops & Beds





Now here’s a lesser known resource.  Adobe actually offers a number of audio tracks, instrument sounds, and ambient music that you’re even free to manipulate using Adobe Audition.

3. Incompetech








Large library with mostly rock and electronic music.  It’s mostly MIDI-style synthesized instruments.

4. Musopen






Musopen’s stated mission is “to be the largest online repository of music in the public domain”.  If you need beautiful, soothing classical music this is where you’ll want to get it from!

5. YouTube Audio Library






You’ve probably been to this website before, but it bears repeating in case you haven’t.  It’s YouTube own, massive library of royalty-free songs.  But a word of warning- the YouTube Audio Library has become popular.  Almost too popular.  Which means that the song you’re about to pick for your video has probably been used on hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos, already.  But, hey- free.

6. Bensound







This is one of my personal favourites.  It has a great mix of different audio tracks to suit a variety of moods.  Funk, rock, acoustic, orchestral, electronic.   Amazing options.  And while it does have a few paid audio tracks, most of Bensound’s music is free to use.

7. AudioPad








Need something dubstep-y with an electronic feel?  If you do, AudioPad is should be on the first place for you to go.  They only have a few genres to choose from (Chillout, Electronic, Dubstep, House, DnB), but what they lack in genre selection they make up for in their large library of free, usable music tracks.

8. Moby Gratis





This website has music that’s produced by Moby (yes, that Moby) which can be used by any and all independent filmmakers.  It’s mainly electronic music, but offers a mind-mindbogglingly large collection of usable music.  Holy hell, Moby.

And that’s it!  Hopefully we’ll all see these types of resources grow in the near future.  But with that said, please heed each website’s  attribution requirements.  Because usually all they ask is that you list the website in your video description, and that isn’t asking for too much. And also note that some of  linked music above is still copyrighted, but the artist is letting you use the music under their stated conditions.  So again, please read their usage and attribution criteria before using their songs.

Now, go forth and make amazing videos!

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