The cheekiest corporate brand account Tweets of the decade


Sometimes big companies ask themselves: “What would happen if we got a team of creative, and actually funny professionals to manage our Twitter account and we crank the sass and weirdness levels up to 11?”

And when that happens, magic is born. Because when you give truly talented an audience and empower them with the tools they need to engage with users you are doing something that 99% of companies are afraid to do. Corporate brands do need to be careful, though. Because badly-done corporate humor can fall flat and alienate your younger audiences. Kind of like when an embarrassed kid cowers from a bad dad joke.

So when a corporate brand pulls it off, it’s just awesome. So here the best Tweets from last decade from corporate brand accounts that you should follow:

1. Pop Tarts (@PopTartsUS)

Some facts about the tasty breakfast treat’s Twitter account:

  • @HVRanch once suggested that they make a ranch-flavored Pop Tart after the idea gained weird cult status online. @PopTartsUS was understandably non-plussed
  • They garnered more re-tweets than Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz when he announced his plans to run for President in the 2020 General Election. @Steak-umm, @BurgerKing jumped into the fray like a scene from Infinity War. Tweet is below:

2. Wendy’s (@Wendys)

Neat facts about the @Wendys Twitter team from their Reddit AMA:

3. Lawrence Police (@LawrenceKS_PD)

Facts about this fine police department:

  • They once talked trash to a passing tornado on their Twitter account
  • The above fact is the only fact that you need to know about this glorious Twitter account

4. MoonPie (@MoonPie)

This Twitter account oscillates between roasting trolls, to bizarre, to fever dream confusion, then back to roasting trolls. A few other things worth knowing:

  • Their hugely popular account is run by Knoxville-based Tombras Group
  • They took this approach to popularize their 100-year old brand among the younger Millennial-aged users after their sales among younger customers flattened in recent years (Source: Fast Company)

5. Steak-Umm (@steak_umm)

Things worth knowing about this beefy Twitter account:

  • The account is solely managed and run by Nathan Allebach, Steak-Umm’s social media manager
  • It combines fourth-wall-breaking musings with wokeness to a level that once made people across the Twitterverse question their own existence
  • Nathan pitched the new Twitter account tone during one of the company’s less active periods, where he asked “so what do you think about me just messing around on our inactive Twitter account and seeing if we can generate any kind of buzz.” (Source: Contently)
  • This was part of a campaign whose mission is to: “be a brand that is transparent enough to acknowledge what it is and that it’s selling a product, but at the same time, we want to be recognized as the people behind the brand.” Wholesome as heck. (Source: Contently)

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